Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The London Suede Reissues Studio Catalog, Launches Tour

In the wake of successful reunion gigs and a Best Of disc released in 2010, UK dream merchants Suede (known elsewhere as The London Suede) announced on June 29 the reissue of all of their studio albums this summer.

Deluxe, vastly expanded editions of 1993's Suede, 1994's Dog Man Star, 1996's Coming Up, 1999's Head Music and 2002's A New Morning will be released, in turn, every other week from now until late August.  The highly influential band's website is taking pre-orders, with bonus incentives attached.

For those who spent the Nineties preoccupied with grunge, Lilith Fair acts or other phenomenon, this might be an opportune time to discover (or re-discover) some major players in a scene that was playing itself out across the Pond.   Clearly inspired by mid-80s Manchester and other forces, Suede in turn laid a sonic bed of roses - thorns and all - for later acts to rest their heads upon.  Their timeless offerings could certainly be mistaken for "new" on alternative radio today.

Heartthrob frontman Brett Anderson stated in a press release that "... this is the definitive collection of pretty much everything we released in 14 years together - and some stuff which we didn't. It's all re-mastered and includes unreleased, never-before-heard oddities and gems which even I'd forgotten about. It's the complete audio history of a band and, like any band of interest, it's flawed, strange and sometimes beautiful".

The band is scheduled for an exotic summer tour that includes dates in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

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