Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ultravox's Enduring Lament

For some, "Lament" is not as memorable as "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" or "Reap The Wild Wind," but this gorgeous song has always occupied special places in the playlists of my life.  Reportedly shot on the Isle of Skye, the video's filtered cinematography and uncontrived "plot" (or lack thereof) seem to be influenced by your average ABBA clip.  However, the visuals and music evoke a romanticism that all too often remains just out of range of most modern attempts.  The beauty of simplicity has always been underrated.

In other words, the video makes you want to jump back in time and place, to be with the band and the girls on this amazing island.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Icicle Works - Hollow Horse video

At last!  The beyond-bizarre video for The Icicle Works' "Hollow Horse" is on YouTube!

"We'll be as we are / when all the fools who doubt us fade away...."  few songwriters of frontman Ian McNabb's heyday matched his passion and penchant for Romantic themes.  From its 12-string, Byrds ripoff-riffs to drummer Chris Sharrock's superb drumming, "Hollow Horse" is one of my favorite Icicle Works tracks.  From 1984's A Small Price of a Bicycle, the song was one of the first in a brilliant, post- "Whisper To A Scream" singles that found about as much airplay in the U.S. as those released from their fantastic debut album.... i.e., not a whole lot.

Sadly, another 1980s music-biz mystery that will remain an enigma.

The Icicle Works will begin a 30th Anniversary UK tour in April.