Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anna Calvi Seattle Concert Review at

I don't review nearly as many concerts now as I did when I was a man-about town columnist in the Jet City, so it is good that my trained nose (or ear?) almost never steers me wrong in choosing a show these days.  Case in point: Anna Calvi's June 1 show at the Crocodile, which I reviewed for

It was one of those truly thrilling situations where the performer actually tops the hype and expectations.  Calvi, an up-and-coming Siren from England, is somebody special.  Touted and supported by Brian Eno and Nick Cave, this gal is going places.  And on a Wednesday night, she stopped in Belltown to blow everyone away before starting another round of UK/European engagements.

If my review seems too enthusiastic or embellished, it's not.  Check her out on Youtube, and you'll be buying the album.
ps.  When my webmaster is feeling better, a gallery of additional photos from the show will be posted.
- Steve Stav

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