Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Icicle Works - Hollow Horse video

At last!  The beyond-bizarre video for The Icicle Works' "Hollow Horse" is on YouTube!

"We'll be as we are / when all the fools who doubt us fade away...."  few songwriters of frontman Ian McNabb's heyday matched his passion and penchant for Romantic themes.  From its 12-string, Byrds ripoff-riffs to drummer Chris Sharrock's superb drumming, "Hollow Horse" is one of my favorite Icicle Works tracks.  From 1984's A Small Price of a Bicycle, the song was one of the first in a brilliant, post- "Whisper To A Scream" singles that found about as much airplay in the U.S. as those released from their fantastic debut album.... i.e., not a whole lot.

Sadly, another 1980s music-biz mystery that will remain an enigma.

The Icicle Works will begin a 30th Anniversary UK tour in April.

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